Dear Neighbor,

Every day, I think about Dallas ISD students who are heading off to schools across the city, ready to tackle another day of classes with the hope that their education will turn their dreams into reality. Making sure that our students’ education actually leads to better opportunities is our responsibility.

I am the son of a public school math teacher that ensured every one of his students was successful. Following in my father’s footsteps, I served as an 8th grade history teacher in Dallas ISD and fought each day to ensure that all of my students were prepared for success. For the six months I have served as your Trustee, I have made tough decisions that consistently put children first. And I have dedicated my life to improving our schools because I know that a high quality education is the key to a bright future. I am certain that together we can continue to transform the Dallas Independent School District into the best education system in the nation. I am running for re-election to the Dallas ISD District 8 Trustee position because I want to continue making Dallas’ public education system the great equalizer it was meant to be. Join me as we work together to ensure the future of this city remains full of hope and opportunities for our children.

Together we can,


Miguel Solis
Incumbent, Dallas ISD Trustee | District 8